Our mission is to strive towards overcoming alienation, exploitation, the perpetuation of misery, and the loss of control over conditions that affect the social exchanges of everyday life. These circumstances are created or exacerbated by the existing social structure. One of the methods in our efforts to attain this end is by encouraging people NOT to vote.

  1. The overriding objective of America’s major political parties is to maintain their dominant status as reflected in the ideologies they perpetuate, the infrastructural apparatus they sustain, and the financial markets they control. Individual interests will always be subordinate to the preservation of a status-quo that preserves the social structure. Isolated examples of appeasement are illusory and insubstantial and performed as concessions to sustain corporate and other elitist hegemony.
  2. The ruling parties rely on maintaining power through the imposition of economic constraints, the threat of state sanctioned violence and physical coercion, and the censure of incompatible ideology. To that end, they insist that the fundamental assumptions of the prevailing order must always remain unchallenged even when confronted by the accretion of social and economic breakdown. Alternatives posed to the current model of profit-maximization capitalism and state mediation of social relationships through the monopolization of violence are written off as fanatical, untenable, and unworthy of serious consideration.
  3. Rebels can be silenced and the spectacle of their convictions will ultimately be absorbed into the mainstream until all revolutionary potential is lost. Apathetic ideology, on the other hand, is fundamentally problematic in terms of efforts made to recoup its rejection of existing conditions. The spectacle of apathy is no different from apathy itself and for any culture to adopt apathy as part of its cultural countenance is inevitably destabilizing due to inherent contradictions.
  4. In all societies, the people who are most resented and feared are not the ones engaging in active resistance, but those who refuse to participate. The apathetic are despised, mocked, and subjected to ridicule and harangue from the general populace because they present an existential threat by not acknowledging the power wielded by others.
  5. Approximately half of the eligible voters in the United States do not vote.
General propaganda blames these people for their own disenfranchisement by a perverse logic of reversing cause and effect. People do not vote because the elitist system will never fundamentally change by the act of voting, yet, impossibly, they are accused of being complicit in the system’s failures.
  6. The rules of engagement as they pertain to voting require tacit consent of the opposing party should the candidate one votes for not prevail. Everyone who did not vote for an elected candidate was nevertheless responsible for their being in power because, by participating, they accepted the outcome of the voting process. Even if one accepts the proposition of servitude, choice is not an individual one, but acceptance of the will of a plurality.
  7. The aggressive attempts to encourage voting are conceived solely for the illusion of legitimacy. Little concern, if any, is given as to whether the voter is informed – - merely that they vote. Voting generates the illusion that individuals have a stake in the power structure and thereby dissipates revolutionary energies.
  8. The ruling order, the institutions of capitalism, and the institutions of the State are never challenged through voting and the issues that are voted upon are filtered and profoundly limited in scope whereby they can never disrupt social hierarchy.
  9. Voting is the voluntary surrender of responsibility for the conditions of one’s own life and the world at large. Voting affirms that all freedoms must be sanctioned and meted out by the State.
  10. The condition of despair and poverty along with restriction of freedoms is not a necessary or inevitable state; it is a condition of governance. The persistence of misery comes from individuals surrendering control whereby they accept that only the State can alleviate the very same misery it created.
  11. Voting consists solely of deciding who we should be subordinate to, and the rules of our subjugation.
  12. Apathy is an act of resistance that seeks to destabilize the foundations of the existing order.